I fell in love with long distance triathlon during my first Ironman in Barcelona in 2014. I reaching the end of my 20s, had taught myself how to swim the previous years, put aero-bars on my road bike and signed up. I was just curious whether I could do it. Finishing in 9h54 I believed I had some talent for long course races, but above all: I truly enjoyed it. It was then when I became curious of what else I could achieve and decided I wanted to look back at my life when I’m old thinking: “Wow I truly gave all I had back then! What an life experience was that!” So now I am racing as a pro. I aim for another Ironman podium (Ironman Cork 2019 was my first) and eventually I hope to go sub 9.

I enjoy inspiring others to get the max out of their lives, regardless in which field/profession/situation. I believe in being self-made, in dreamers, in people with ambition and above all: in having fun.

Team4Talent supports me in my ambitions and dreams.

I have a PhD in Medical Physiology and run my own small business in graphics for scientists. I also have a part-time job at a Life Science and Health Consultancy. Albeit with limited time and money: I just love what I do and getting the most out of things.