Triathlon make-over 2012-2019

Wow! A friend of mine sent me an old photo this week. I suddenly realized what a make-over I’ve had the past years.
LEFT: 2012 / RIGHT: 2019
2012: My very first race (as well as podium)
• Swim experience: Dutch A diploma + 10hrs of “something that looks like frontcrawl”
• Bike: borrowed Trek madone, 500km total distance
• Run: much easier without any weight of shoulder/back muscles
• Outfit: swimsuit 🩱 + decathlon cycle pants + jersey with back pockets for spare innertube and pump.
• #3: @tessavanroomen
• Race experience: ️ no clue what I was doing but wiehoeeee loved it! I couldn’t stop smiling.
2019: My very first Ironman Pro podium
I guess I had bit of an upgrade in the gear, experience, pace and goals. But I’m equally enthusiastic for the sport!

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